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Logistyx Helps Businesses Accelerate Parcel Fulfillment and Shipping Operations in an On-Demand World

Dot Foods, the largest food industry redistributor in North America, recently selected Logistyx’s SaaS-based solutions to grow and expand its current parcel shipping capabilities to provide higher levels of service as food industry manufacturers and distributors make smaller and more frequent deliveries to customers. Dot Foods chose Logistyx’s TME to seamlessly integrate with its JDA warehouse management system (WMS) to optimize its fulfillment and shipping operations to better accommodate customer needs as the company ramps up its e-commerce capabilities. The joint product offering connects Dot Foods with more than 550 global parcel carrier services, including low-cost regional and local operators.

As consumer behavior continues to shift with an increasing demand for smaller, more-frequent shipments to convenient delivery/pickup locations, a wide range of industries are adopting what had been primarily a retail strategy. Many businesses have turned to automated and scalable multi-carrier shipping solutions to better serve customers and generate cost savings. Whether shipping time-sensitive goods for food suppliers or restaurants or determining cross-border tax calculations and cost adjustments on ecommerce orders in light of Brexit’s potential impact on shipping across Europe, businesses around the world can successfully navigate these new market dynamics with the right technology.

A TMS for parcel shipping accelerates and synchronizes the shipping process with greater precision and certainty, making it possible to see what’s happening across the entire shipping ecosystem in real-time and more efficiently meet customer needs in this on-demand world.

Read the full customer announcement to see how Dot Foods is leveraging Logistyx’s TMS for parcels to optimize fulfillment.