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Logistyx Helps Companies Achieve their Supply Chain Goals

Successful retailers, manufacturers, and 3PLs are able to adapt when facing unforeseen supply chain disruptions. But this agility requires the right people, processes, and technology…as well a lot of thoughtful planning. Logistyx partners with companies to create custom, detailed parcel shipping strategies that can support supply chain goals and help them move confidently toward success.

A Look at Logistyx’s Approach

With decades of experience in the parcel shipping industry, our teams have solved just about every kind of parcel shipping process and technology challenge. They are experts that understand how to use cloud multi-carrier shipping systems in a wide range of parcel shipping scenarios, from cross-border shipment execution… to hazmat shipment execution… to inbound shipment execution… to ship-from-store strategies.

“Supply chain leaders need more than just software to achieve their order fulfillment KPIs,” says Ken Fleming, Logistyx President. “In partnering with our teams, our customers optimize their technology and strategies to maximize their multi-carrier shipping system investment, and thrive.”

Help with Ship-from-Store

To meet consumer demand driven by the growth in e-commerce, Belk committed in recent years to investing in supply chain technology enhancements to better serve customers, including finding new methods to optimize fulfillment and shift more e-commerce delivery origins from distribution centers to stores. While simple in theory, executing store-level shipping presents considerable challenges, including limited carrier selection and complex rate shopping.

Logistyx worked with Belk to address these and other fulfillment challenges by implementing Logistyx TME, a solution that provides stores with instant access to carriers and services offering the best rates for each particular location. Seamlessly integrated with Manhattan Active Omni, the solution supports multi-carrier rate shopping, shipment execution and label generation, real-time shipment tracking, and delivery transparency.

Leveraging TME, Belk utilizes its stores as mini distribution centers without having to employ major process changes to get shipments to customers’ homes, a key advantage as parcel count increased considerably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, when faced with carrier capacity limits during the pandemic, Logistyx helped Belk grow its carrier network by tapping into its library of more than 550 carrier integrations. This added greater capacity into Belk’s parcel delivery mix by introducing more options through using regional and specialty last-mile carriers, while also reducing transportation costs to provide a consistent level of service to customers.

A Plan to Accelerate Global Shipment Execution and Gain Real-Time Shipment Visibility

For global shippers like Cummins, managing huge numbers of global and local carriers can be extremely challenging. Like many manufacturers, Cummins had difficulty managing carrier information and shipment specifications, and producing shipping labels and transmitting shipping information according to each carrier’s specifications was a complex process. Cummins knew they needed to take control of their shipping and improve warehouse efficiency, and turned to Logistyx for support.

Cummins worked with Logistyx to gain real-time production of shipping labels and carrier documents, as well as the ability to perform shipment consolidation and monitor event tracking data. By implementing Logistyx’s flagship software, Logistyx TME, Cummins created shipping workflow efficiencies such as:

  • Ship-to addresses are valid and package weight and dimensions are within carrier restrictions.
  • Logistyx TME automatically identifies shipment consolidations and produces shipping labels in real-time at the moment the package is created, reducing process time and labeling errors.
  • When invalid shipments are identified by the system, error labels are printed that include instructions to the user to resolve the problem.
  • Logistyx TME performs instant freight calculations in real-time, so that actual freight costs can be added to sales invoices.
  • Logistyx TME produces carrier manifests and freight letters (CMR) at the end of each day, providing Cummins with the information they need when they need it.

How can Logistyx help your Supply Chain?

What parcel shipping challenges keep your organization from achieving its potential? Chances are, Logistyx can help. Whether you need to migrate to the cloud, create an integrated supply chain technology stack, or add new carriers to your transportation network, we have options to fit your unique needs. Learn more about the breadth of Logistyx’s technology and watch The Logistyx Shipping Quadrant.