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Logistyx Increased Parcel Volume 23% with FedEx in 2020, Honored with 2021 FedEx Platinum Tier Award

Progress and innovation require working collaboratively with value-aligned partners to solve business problems. At Logistyx, we continuously deepen our ties with partners to deliver the flexibility, security, and speed customers need to accelerate success.

Our partner community includes global supply chain leaders with track records of excellence and proven commitment to the customer. This is why Logistyx is proud to partner with leading global shipping provider FedEx. As part of Logistyx’s global network of 550+ carriers, FedEx is a long-standing and leading carrier partner, providing innovative shipping solutions that enable customers to ship around the world – faster, smarter, and for less.

2020 was a year full of extraordinary uncertainties, and carriers like FedEx adopted an agile approach to shipping to create a flexible supply chain and work more effectively with shippers to address many of the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Carriers exhibited exceptional dependability supporting a rapid surge in e-commerce growth, an unprecedented peak shipping season, and the complexities of global vaccine distribution.

FedEx has been on the front lines, keeping supply chains moving since the onset of the pandemic and has remained a valued partner of Logistyx. In 2020 alone, Logistyx drove nearly 23% growth in volume with FedEx.

For the third year in a row, Logistyx secured FedEx Compatible Platinum Tier Award honors for 2021. Selection criteria of the award includes customer compliance; year-over-year growth in volume, revenues, and customer installations; and maintaining annual software certifications.

Designed to help organizations identify qualified, third-party shipping solutions, The FedEx Compatible Solution program requires software developers be up to date on current software for FedEx Ship Manager Server or FedEx Web Services and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. Platinum Tier status is awarded to solutions that demonstrated a high degree of capability, customer experience, and solutions.

A cloud-based Transportation Management Solution (TMS) for global parcel shipping, Logistyx’s flagship software, TME, guarantees carrier compliance, streamlines transportation execution, monitors parcel delivery movements, and identifies ongoing opportunities to increase profits per shipment. Logistyx optimizes carrier service selection and empowers shippers to deploy a more strategic, global transportation strategy to track parcel movements, provide delivery transparency, and proactively respond to unexpected events.

We’re grateful to FedEx for being a trusted partner within our extensive carrier services network and we remain committed to working together to keep driving value for Logistyx customers.

To learn more about how you can leverage multi-carrier shipping systems – and the data within them – to get the most out of your carriers and create the optimal delivery network, watch our webinar, Simplifying the Complexity of Multi-Carrier Parcel Management.