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Logistyx Shares Ways it Prepped Clients for Post-Pandemic Recovery with Healthcare Purchasing News

A recent Healthcare Purchasing News article, “Pushing through pandemic-poignant freight/shipping pain points,” discusses the shipping and logistics challenges brought on by the global pandemic, citing various industry sources on solutions. Logistyx President Ken Fleming was among those interviewed, providing an overview of the steps Logistyx took to help ensure its clients were prepared for post-pandemic recovery:

Logistyx bolstered its carrier fleet to give customers ample choices and options.

“We drove carrier capacity management by continually on-boarding new carriers into our cloud-based system to ensure customers had access to the widest selection possible when determining which carriers and services best met the needs of each parcel shipment,” Fleming noted. “This expanded carrier roster helped ensure that when one carrier lacked capacity, another was ready at hand to fill the void. We even worked with some omnichannel retailers to redefine the meaning of a carrier to include the emerging gig economy and offer their fastest fulfillment yet.”

Further, Logistyx improved its data analytics offerings and business intelligence technology so that customers could “predict parcel shipping disruptions ahead of time, enabling them to move shipping volumes to maintain on-time-delivery rates,” Fleming indicated. “By giving our customers better insights into the performance of their deliveries – in terms of cost, on-time-in-full, and customer satisfaction – they have unlocked new efficiencies in their shipping operations,” he added.

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