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Logistyx President Ken Fleming Dissects the Agility of Autonomous Shippers and Omnichannel Retailers for Logistics Viewpoints

In his latest Logistics Viewpoints article, “Tech Integration Keeps Shippers in Step with Customers,” Ken examines how autonomous shippers and omnichannel retailers can quickly respond to the evolving demands of customers thanks to the fully-integrated systems underpinning their fulfillment operations.

These agile organizations rely on a designated system of record to serve as a central nervous system that unites all disparate technologies and ensures they work cooperatively and share data across the organization. Merchants carefully select the best system of record for their own organization, but warehouse management systems, order management systems and transportation management systems are among the most prevalent. With a system of record in place to unify technology throughout the organization, merchants unlock many benefits, including the ability to “quickly augment fulfillment, customer service and other critical capabilities with specialty software,” as Ken explains.

Want to know more about how omnichannel retailers and lights out or black box shippers with fully-automated fulfillment operations can add specialty software to expand capabilities and stay in step with the evolving demands of customers without missing a beat? Read Ken’s latest article or peruse Ken’s other Logistics Viewpoints contributions for more supply chain insights.