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Logistyx President Ken Fleming Rethinks the Supply Chain for Forbes Technology Council

In his most-recent contribution for the Forbes Technology Council, Ken discusses the need for companies to rethink their supply chain formulas to better address current and future disruptions. He explores the vulnerabilities and potential solutions for each step in the supply chain: manufacturing, warehousing and shipping.

As a critical example of a solution for companies looking to optimize and build a more resilient supply chain, Ken explores the impact that 3D printing (or 3D additive manufacturing) can provide, including:

  • Lowering inventory and production costs.
  • Cutting shipping costs.
  • Quickening delivery times.
  • Providing faster, on-demand customer experiences.
  • Eliminating middlemen in their supply chain resellers and long-distance carriers.

Ken also provides three steps for getting started with 3D printing for those seeking a nimble approach to addressing vulnerabilities in their current supply chain models.

Read Ken’s latest Forbes article:Rethinking The Supply Chain Formula,” and look for more in the future.