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Logistyx Technologies One of Six Global Partners to Achieve FedEx Diamond Status for 2022

FedEx recently updated its FedEx Compatible solutions for 2022, and Logistyx achieved both Diamond and Platinum certification. Selection criteria of the awards include customer compliance; year-over-year growth in volume, revenues, and customer installations; and maintaining annual software certifications. Logistyx was one of only six global partners to achieve Diamond status for the year.

Logistyx’s Ship-IT carrier engine was awarded Diamond status, serving as Logistyx’s enterprise engine for FedEx powering leading customers in mid- and high-volume shipments. FedEx only awards Diamond status to solution providers demonstrating years of compatible integrations with the latest FedEx technologies and FedEx Services. Logistyx’s TME was awarded Platinum status. Platinum is awarded to solutions that demonstrated a high degree of capability, customer experience, and solutions.

Being honored with FedEx Diamond and Platinum certifications for the fourth straight year is a demonstration of Logistyx’s dedication to maximizing our partnership with FedEx to provide the best parcel shipping solutions to customers around the globe. We continue to improve our industry-leading parcel shipping and fulfillment solutions to provide the most refined and robust capabilities. Ensuring we meet the rigorous standards for FedEx Diamond and Platinum certification is one important step in that journey.

Designed to help organizations identify qualified, third-party shipping solutions, The FedEx Compatible Solution program requires software developers be up to date on current software for FedEx Ship Manager Server or FedEx Web Services and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

With our cloud-based global shipping software for parcel delivery, Logistyx guarantees carrier compliance, streamlines transportation execution, monitors parcel delivery movements, and identifies ongoing opportunities to increase profits per shipment. Logistyx optimizes carrier service selection and empowers shippers to deploy a more strategic, global transportation strategy to track parcel movements, provide delivery transparency, and proactively respond to unexpected events.

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