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Logistyx Turns 4

2017. While the New England Patriots were winning the Super Bowl, Bud Light was turning “Dilly Dilly” into a cultural phenomenon, and Dunkirk was dominating the box office, Kidd & Company had big plans. With Geoffrey Finlay and Ken Fleming on speed dial, PR Return priming the press wires, and Glantz Design secretly designing splash pages for ADSI, Agile Network, and Pantechnik International, Gerry DeBiasi and his team were getting to work forming the world’s first cloud-based, global multi-carrier parcel shipping software provider.

That’s right, folks, Logistyx turned four last week. Four! Dog years aside, it feels more like 40, not because we’re having a mid-life crisis, but because our customer base, our employee talent, and our technology – oh the technology – has grown so sophisticated in just 48 months.

The truth is: we had to. The shipping landscape has changed a great deal. Consider that parcel shipping volumes now exceed 100 billion in 13 of the world’s major markets. And as of the beginning of Q2 2021, $1 of every $5 spent on retail purchases came from online orders. For better or worse, organizations of all stripes and sizes have had to scramble to scale their parcel shipping operations to support the growth of their businesses.

Furthermore, big parcel shipping volumes now require big flexibility. With the meteoric rise of two-day and same-day shipping and the growth in omnichannel distribution (BOPIS, BOPIC, returns), today, parcel shipping is about real-time visibility, distributed order management, and multicarrier parcel management—all connected and supportive of overall goals for lowest-cost, best-service delivery.

Meeting the Moment

True to form, Logistyx has risen to the occasion. In just four years, we’ve built state-of-the-art cloud parcel shipping technology that helps our clients meet the challenges of scaling shipping volumes, executing ship-from-store, navigating supply chain disruptions, managing carrier capacity issues and surcharges, migrating to the cloud, building an interconnected supply chain technology stack, and so much more.

Regardless of location, of contracted carriers, of supply chain technology, of complexity, our multi-carrier parcel shipping technology powers end-to-end global transportation in any parcel shipping scenario. In a nutshell, it:

• Rates, rate shops, and automates compliance with 550+ global carriers, including cross-border and hazmat services
• Integrates parcel shipping with enterprise supply chain systems in the cloud (WMS, OMS, TMS, ERP, e-commerce)
• Monitors carrier performance, sends proactive delivery alerts to customers, and enables shippers to provide best-in-class service
• Streamlines the carrier invoice approval-to-pay process so shippers gain better control over transportation spend
• Analyzes shipping data and runs simulations to optimize transportation strategies worldwide
• Executes omnichannel order fulfillment, including ship-from-store and returns

Sharing Success

Not surprisingly, our customer footprint has grown considerably. With 1,000+ customers shipping across 180 countries, we mean it when we say, “We help retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers ship to anywhere, from anywhere.” Our carrier library is 550+ global providers strong – and growing daily – and our employees are far flung, with addresses in Peru, Singapore, and The Netherlands, to name a few. (By the way, this means we are an excellent source of travel recommendations, and you’d be remiss if you failed to hit our reps, account managers, and product gurus up for tips).

We’re a trusted partner to brands like Foot Locker, The Container Store, Adidas, Pfizer, and Mazda, and our accolades now include top honors such as “#1 Fulfillment Provider to the Internet Retailer Top 1000 Retailers,” “Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Provider,” and “Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2021 Top Supply Chain Project.”

Creating the Vision

From our very first press release to our most recent “Go Live,” Logistyx’s success stories have a common theme: we don’t just provide the technology, we also provide the vision. And it’s our vision that inspires our people, informs our product roadmap, and impresses our customers against the backdrop of this unique marketplace we call home.
Happy 4th Birthday, Logistyx! Now go blow out your candles.