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Logistyx’s Ken Fleming Puts the Last Mile First in an Article for Supply & Demand Chain Executive

The last mile of any delivery is the most critical piece, argues Logistyx President Ken Fleming in a new article for Supply & Demand Chain Executive. Getting products off trucks and into customers’ hands is the top priority, and shippers should take a proactive approach and prioritize the last mile to ensure this happens on time.

Ken argues that shippers can reduce costs and meet customer expectations by making a few strategic decisions that keep the last mile first:

  1. Utilize a multicarrier network for shipping
  2. Reconsider inventory and fulfillment capabilities
  3. Trust business intelligence and data

Only once the details of the last mile are in order should shippers examine the rest of the shipping journey.

Read Ken’s full article, “Putting the Last Mile First,” for the details of each strategic decision and see if your last-mile approach will pass muster.