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Manufacturing Moves Closer to the Customer: 3-D Print and Ship Strategies on the Rise

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From dealing with anxious customers and opportunistic middlemen to managing rising inventory and shipping costs, the challenges of after-sales maintenance and repair can mount quickly. However, as Logistyx President and Chief Sales Officer Ken Fleming points out in a recent issue of Manufacturing Today, some manufacturers are beginning to discover the combination of 3D printing with sophisticated parcel shipping management can help make these aftermarket frustrations disappear. In fact, Fleming elaborates that savvy manufacturers are finding the combination of 3D printing and sophisticated parcel shipping management packs a powerful one-two punch that’s enabling them to:

  • Significantly reduce their inventory and production costs
  • Slash their shipping expenses
  • Accelerate delivery times
  • Provide a faster and on-demand customer experience
  • Say farewell to third-party resellers, long-distance carriers and other middlemen in their supply chains

Summarizes Fleming, “Looking ahead, we can expect to see more manufacturers re-evaluating the ways they service their customers, and taking advantage of the powerful combination of 3D printing and sophisticated parcel shipping to reduce their dependency on intermediaries, ensure the right parts are being used for repairs, and maintain closer and more interactive direct relationships with their customers and partners.” Read more in Manufacturing Today: “Winning Combination: 3-D Printing and Sophisticated Parcel Shipping Management.”