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Logistyx President Ken Fleming Discusses Matching Inventory Approaches to Business Models for Forbes

Following years of refinement and optimization, warehouses are fine-tuned machines, but that doesn’t make them the right machines for all business models. Some depend on housing inventory in large warehouses; others require a more diversified approach with different tactics.

In his latest article at Forbes, Logistyx President Ken Fleming argues that matching an approach to inventory with the business model is critical for success, and that each combination comes with unique needs that must be addressed:

“As consumer behaviors and expectations change, product lifecycles shorten and supply chain disruptions happen more frequently and persist longer, businesses should examine their approach to inventory and how well it matches the current demands of their business model.”

Ken also examines three business models with different inventory approaches:

  1. Ecommerce Retailers Relying on Large Warehouses
  2. Omnichannel Retailers Offering Ship-From-Store and BOPIS
  3. Service-Oriented Businesses Tapping into 3-D Printing

Read Ken’s full article, “The Importance of Matching Inventory to Business Models,” to learn about the nuances associated with each pairing as well as how a blended approach might best serve your business.

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