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Multichannel Merchant: Ken Fleming Explains How Parcel Shipping Data Can Reduce Returns

Online shopping became the mainstay of consumer purchasing patterns in 2020. As the National Retail Federation (NDF) reported, during 2020’s November-December holiday season, online and other non-stores sales grew 23.9% over the same period in 2019 to $209 billion. Unfortunately for retailers, what ships out often comes back. Ensuring those orders coming back ship efficiently and effectively can keep shipping costs low and protect margins. Many merchants also tap returns data to reduce the overall rate of returns.

In a recent article for Multichannel Merchant, Logistyx President Ken Fleming discusses how fulfillment teams increasingly look for trends in returns data to analyze patterns and identify recurring fulfillment errors that can be eliminated to help reduce avoidable returns. When fulfillment errors don’t explain patterns of recurring returns, merchants want to know more. Rather than quickly classifying them as “unavoidable” returns, merchants are increasingly sharing insights across departments to find problems beyond fulfillment.

Ken’s article provides tips to help merchants do more with returns data by coordinating across departments, spotting patterns in returns, tying those patterns to correctable errors, and remedying the underlying causes. While some returns are truly unavoidable from the organization’s perspective, merchants can understand the importance of looking beyond the fulfillment team to continue shrinking that slice of the pie.

To learn more, read Ken’s full article on Multichannel Merchant: “How Data Addresses Unavoidable and Avoidable Returns