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Logistyx’s Mike Eisner Discusses Predictive Analytics for Parcel Shipping with Parcel and Postal Technology International

Parcel and Postal Technology International published its September issue featuring an article with industry professionals discussing the growing importance and adoption of predictive logistics in parcel shipping. Among the experts featured was Logistyx’s very own Vice President of Business Intelligence, Mike Eisner.

Consumers expect fast and predictable deliveries, while carriers who are under strain to meet delivery commitments counter volume growth with threshold caps during peak times and continue to implement increased peak surcharges. It’s left shippers hungry for reliable data to help them evaluate the options within their planning and decision making to meet customer expectations.

“The use of predictive analytics has risen dramatically over the past five years, but Covid has really forced and expanded its use – especially among the larger shippers,” Eisner says. “Consumers have evolved, and markets have to adapt, as to the carrier options that are available. The need for insights to support the ability for faster, more responsive decision making with supply chain problems has never been more paramount.”

The data sources aren’t unfamiliar, Eisner adds. Carriers typically have shipping execution, status, and invoicing data to work with, and a good understanding of route optimization and the savings it can provide. The added layer is third-party sources, such as traffic and weather information, and creating or refining the algorithms that help users understand the bigger picture and calculate efficient routes in real time, including a plan B when required.

Mike shares numerous key insights throughout the article – read it in full in the September issue of Parcel and Postal Technology International.

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