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Preparing Global Logistics for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

As several experimental COVID-19 vaccines approach late-stage testing, their manufacturers have begun working diligently with technology partners, carriers and others involved in the logistics of distributing a potential vaccine to populations around the globe to assemble the necessary processes, procedures and instruments to safely and effectively move and disseminate the eventual inoculations.

In addition to some of the early considerations for shippers, manufacturers and other industry professionals relating to the scale, distribution and shipping requirements of a potential vaccine, DHL and other carriers have started making adjustments to prepare. They’re adding cargo service routes, increasing flight schedules to provide crucial transport infrastructure and taking other steps to prepare in anticipation of the potential global delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine.

On top of having the transport infrastructure in place, many carriers and pharmaceutical companies have been shoring up equipment and technology that will meet the complex set of protective measures required for maintaining the efficacy of a vaccine during transport, including precise refrigeration and temperature settings. According to The New York Times, many of the vaccines under development will need to be kept at temperatures as low as minus 80 degrees Celsius (minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit).

Managing global distribution strategies for such a critical product on such a scale creates considerable operational challenges. That’s why many pharma companies and global carriers have turned to transportation management technology providers to help enhance their preparations to transport the highly temperature-sensitive COVID-19 doses.

Just as Logistyx was on the forefront to help Gilead move its investigational drug against the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 to medical facilities in continental Europe, we’re helping another leading pharmaceutical manufacturer effectively execute its vaccine release. From rigorous temperature-controlled storage and transportation to uninterrupted logistics management information and real-time status updates, this pharma company has a unique set of carrier service requirements. Logistyx is working around the clock with the pharma leader and its carrier services network to ensure the uninterrupted availability of a quality vaccine by building a custom network of carriers capable of playing a role in this critical task.

ebook logistyx future-proofing-supply-chainPlanning now for the eventual availability and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine allows logistics experts, pharmaceutical distribution specialists and global carriers to prepare for any potential hiccups in the process. Likewise, cloud technology like Logistyx helps decrease supply chain risk, an incredibly important initiative when it comes to something as vital as the multifaceted distribution of an initially limited supply of a life-saving vaccine. Logistyx TME helps optimize parcel shipping by improving the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of the supply chain, and a digitized supply chain improves a company’s ability to anticipate risk, improve transparency and coordination across the supply chain, and manage any issues that arise from increasing complexity. When it comes to the global distribution of vaccines or parcels of any kind, TME helps shippers minimize disruptions and solve those that do arise more quickly.

For more information about how Logistyx’s cloud TMS for parcel shipping can help you effectively plan for and manage supply chain challenges, contact us today.