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Logistyx’s Lisa Henthorn Teaches Returns Lessons from Hi-Fi to EPS News Readers

COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way people shop, shifting more toward e-commerce. For electronics retailers, this shift brings with it more returns as shoppers forego in-store trials before making purchases. Ahead of the curve, many Hi-Fi audio manufacturers and retailers adopted 30-day return policies to enable in-home trials, an approach that keeps customers happy while also enabling them to manage returns.

In an article for EPS News, Lisa Henthorn, VP, Marketing Communications for Logistyx, takes a close look at the lessons the rest of the electronics industry can learn from Hi-Fi brands about their returns processes …

“With this model, PS Audio provides a few key lessons:

  • Offering a trial period shows confidence in product quality.
  • Prioritizing customer support ensures customers have the best quality experience.
  • Offering easy returns eliminates both the risk and burden for the customer.

Hi-Fi audio manufacturers and retailers understand the importance of prioritizing the customer experience, knowing their best customers are likely to make returns. They also know those returns are an opportunity to sell to an engaged customer who’s already seeking to make a purchase that matches their needs.”

… and how to apply them to their own returns process with a two-phase approach of reducing both the number and the cost of returns. Lisa also examines the role of technology in the returns process and helps electronics retailers understand the differences and benefits of customer-driven and proactively prepared returns.

Read Lisa’s full article, “What Hi-Fi can Teach the Electronics Industry About Returns,” to see if the lessons taught by Hi-Fi brands can help you better manage your own returns.