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SaaS Awards: Logistyx President Ken Fleming Discusses the Benefits of Adopting a Digital Supply Chain

Significant events like the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, Brexit, and trade wars have considerably altered consumer behaviors and created new and complex supply chain challenges. In turn, these issues forced retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers across the world to revisit their global supply chain strategies and accelerate the adoption of cloud technologies to properly adapt and be better positioned to respond to future disruptions. As organizations reexamine their supply chains, boosting resilience has become as important for many as controlling costs and improving operational efficiency and customer service.

In a recent article for The SaaS Awards news site, Logistyx President Ken Fleming discusses how the sustained increases in e-commerce and omnichannel distribution across industries has more businesses seeking ways to prepare their supply chains to compete. Many organizations turned to a digital supply chain that relies on automated cloud technology to harness a data-driven approach to increase flexibility and visibility while reducing costs.

Ken shares some of the key advantages of cloud supply chains, including the ability to enhance the speed, accuracy and flexibility of supply chains, empowering all users within an organization to execute, track and analyze parcel shipping processes in a single solution. With a digitally mature supply chain, retailers, for example, can easily capture data from different systems to optimize the customer experience and minimize the cost of increasingly complex supply chain processes.

Embracing the cloud makes supply chain innovation more sustainable, helping organizations stay resilient, improve their parcel shipping operations, and generate quick and lasting ROI.

To learn more, read Ken’s full article on The SaaS Awards news page: “The Digital Supply Chain: Greater Resilience, Agility, Transparency