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Survey Says All Signs Point to Sustained E-Commerce Growth

What will e-commerce growth look like after COVID-19? A recent Digital Commerce 360 article looks beyond the rise of e-commerce due to the pandemic and anticipates shopping trends in a post-COVID-19 world. The findings hail from an Accenture survey of 7,872 consumers in 18 global markets conducted May 5-11, 2020.

Consumers Continue to Embrace E-Commerce

While some consumers turned to e-commerce for the first time because of the pandemic, many plan to continue omnichannel shopping after COVID-19 subsides. Of those surveyed, 51% plan to keep ordering through mobile apps, 42% plan to continue leveraging curbside pickup, and 41% will interact with chatbots after the pandemic.

Many consumers have expressed their hesitance to return to in-person shopping. Only 29% surveyed feel comfortable shopping at non-essential retail locations and shopping centers, and while 40% feel comfortable making trips to the pharmacy or grocery store, the remaining percentage represents the majority of consumers who will appreciate as many online and modified in-person options as possible.

As more consumers embrace online shopping due to the COVID-19 outbreak, developing an omnichannel strategy to include e-commerce and utilizing advanced cloud-based multi-carrier shipping systems positions shippers for success in this changing environment by providing them with greater flexibility to achieve long-term cost savings and improve customer service and fulfillment. Having the technology to execute various shipping scenarios according to consumer preferences, including Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS), drop ship, and on-demand delivery, will open revenue streams while ensuring service consistency and customer satisfaction.

To learn how you can elevate your omnichannel shipping strategy to effectively take advantage of this unique moment of e-commerce growth, see how Logistyx’s cloud TMS for parcel shipping can help.