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Logistyx’s Ken Fleming Explores the Ins and Outs of Gig Fulfillment for Logistics Viewpoints

The gig economy and its on-demand armies of drivers have moved people and food for years, but many retailers are now joining the likes of Target and Walgreens and tapping into Uber, Postmates, and other companies to quickly move orders from stores to local customers’ doorsteps with gig fulfillment.

In an article for Logistics Viewpoints, Logistyx President Ken Fleming examines how retailers can utilize gig economy fulfillment to better serve their customers:

“Most shippers can realize gains by embracing gig economy fulfillment sooner rather than later to offer more fulfillment options to customers and minimize the impact of carrier capacity limitations and other disruptions. Generally, merchants can better meet customer expectations and boost loyalty by prioritizing the last mile of each customer’s delivery, and gig economy carriers help many merchants do this effectively.”

And which tools and data are critical to success:

“Whether considering where to start or what they have to gain, most merchants find the necessary insights to move forward with business intelligence tools that mine their own fulfillment data and customer interactions. Business intelligence helps merchants adapt to consumer behavior shifts, like it has helped countless others navigate supply chain disruptions and other challenges.

With data from their own customer interactions at hand, merchants should look to business intelligence technology to help answer questions that include:

  1. In which markets do consumers most often abandon orders during checkout?

  2. How can we strategically house inventory to better support gig integration?

  3. Where will our inventory footprint currently support gig integration?

  4. Which stores and distribution centers will accommodate gig integration for various regions?

  5. Which products are most popular in particular regions, and how can we store them there?”

Read Ken’s full article, “Retailers Embrace Gig Economy Fulfillment,” to get a clear understanding of whether tapping into the gig economy for order fulfillment is the right solution for you.