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Logistyx President Ken Fleming Explains the Necessary Give and Take of Parcel Shipping Tech in Logistics Viewpoints

In his latest article for Logistics Viewpoints, “The Give and Take of Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping Technology,” Logistyx President Ken Fleming discussed the role multi-carrier parcel shipping technology plays in informing and optimizing different aspects of entire organizations. One example:

“As growth strategists plan to expand a retail footprint or add a distribution center or two, parcel shipping data can provide valuable insights to either direct or double-check these efforts. What an organization knows about its customers based on troves of parcel shipping and e-commerce fulfillment data can strengthen confidence in these plans and ensure investments pan out by more accurately forecasting the value of new stores, warehouses, and distribution centers.”

Ken also notes the need of those departments to share critically important information with the technology. Another example:

“Procurement teams play an incredibly important role. Problems can arise when procurement teams negotiate carrier rates but fail to share rate updates with fulfillment teams. Everything may seem just fine to the procurement team when the negotiated rate matches the billed rate on a carrier invoice, but if refreshed rates were never input into the multi-carrier shipping technology, then the technology makes decisions based on incorrect information. This can lead to poor carrier service selection and damage the bottom line. Beyond rates, procurement should also be sure to share carrier capacity limits; location variables for warehouses, distribution centers, and stores; and other pricing factors. Keeping this information updated in the multi-carrier parcel shipping technology ensures decisions are made based on correct, up-to-date information for optimal results.”

When an organization both gives to and takes from its multi-carrier parcel shipping technology, it creates a symbiotic relationship. Read Ken’s full article at Logistics Viewpoints for insight into the benefits of such an approach.

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