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Top 3 Reasons to Attend the Logistics Management Webinar: How to Solve the Unique Challenges of Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping

In partnership with Logistics Management, the next webinar in our series will take place on June 20, discussing the differences between a TMS for freight and a TMS for parcel shipping, and how you can leverage both to land an integrated transportation strategy worldwide. Our webinar will focus on the considerations that should go into the development of a transportation strategy, drawing from use cases that include modern day transportation challenges such as high-volume e-commerce and international shipping. Based on our experience with companies across the globe, we will also introduce our “transportation maturity model” and help you understand where you are and how you can design, implement and optimize a transportation strategy that ensures you are achieving on-time delivery in full while maximizing revenue per shipment.

Think you don’t have time for a webinar? Think again. Global package shipping grew by 48% between 2015 and 2017, and according to FedEx Corp. chairman and founder Fred Smith, B2C e-commerce sales are expected to reach $3.2 trillion by 2020. This will likely translate into never-before-seen shipping volumes over the next couple of years. Adding another layer of complexity: same-day delivery. As of 2017, 15% of global retailers offered same-day delivery service to their customers, and the same-day delivery market is expected to grow significantly. While same-day delivery is a big opportunity for all retailers to improve their service level, it requires a high degree of order fulfillment and logistics sophistication. Major challenges, such as very short fulfillment lead-times and flexible last-mile delivery have to be overcome while bringing cost down to a level that consumers are willing to digest.

Still need convincing? Okay. We feel you. Three more reasons to attend this webinar:

#1: Learn how to design your shipping process and architecture to leverage both a traditional TMS and a multi-carrier shipping solution effectively. Enterprises working towards a global omnichannel distribution model will have a lot to gain. From understanding the freight and parcel shipping technology markets to reviewing current shipping trends, the webinar’s objective is to ensure attendees are building a transportation strategy that meets their long-term business goals.

#2: Prepare for change and understand how your business will use shipping technology to compete and thrive. The manufacturing and retail industries are on the verge of a revolution, in which products are sold through new distribution channels and consumers are forever searching for the absolute in distribution transparency. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to put the right shipping solution in place so you can easily scale to meet these requirements and create a tough-to-beat leadership position.

#3: Learn how to leverage data driven insights as a tool for growth. Chances are, your shipping operations produce a large amount of data. In this webinar, you’ll learn how choosing the right combination of transportation management technology will eliminate information silos and synchronize all data points for reporting that empowers you to grow and optimize your shipping volumes.

Who Should Attend this Webinar? CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, logistics teams, supply chain teams – anyone whose livelihood depends on the success of their business’s shipping. This webinar attempts to offer a unique perspective on items to consider as you set out to build and refine your transportation strategy in 2019, and all are welcome! Register today.