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Total Retail Highlights Importance of Omnichannel

While we know the importance of omnichannel retail, it’s not as simple as flipping a switch, so retailers need a comprehensive approach.

Dolly CEO Jay Sackos recently wrote an article for Total Retail titled “2022 Delivery and Retail Trends,” exploring how various aspects of the retail experience have changed in recent years from sourcing and supply chain to order fulfillment and everything in between. Among Mr. Sackos’ insightful takes on these trends, he cites many industry experts, including Logistyx on defining omnichannel:

Logistyx Technologies perhaps says it best, explaining how within an omnichannel approach ‘the merchant can fulfill an order directly from a store … or from a distribution center … or by moving inventory from a distribution center to a store and then fulfilling the order from the store. In doing so, the merchant is better positioned to meet customer expectations for delivery timelines and accuracy.’”

Omnichannel is a topic we’ve written about extensively and helped many retailers successfully implement. While we’re big fans of omnichannel retail, it’s not as simple as flipping a switch, which is why we have an omnichannel resource hub for retailers interested in exploring, adopting, or optimizing the approach.

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