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Why Buy? The Demise of Home-Grown Parcel Shipping Technology: Part 5

As e-commerce continues to boom, asking more of your parcel shipping software to streamline deliveries, analyze data, and inform future decisions is non-negotiable. The complexities of building and maintaining fully integrated and comprehensive parcel shipping technology make home-grown solutions less practical than ever.

In the inaugural post of this series, Why Buy? The Demise of Home-Grown Parcel Shipping Technology, we examined some of the modern complexities of parcel shipping and the intricate technologies enabling this supply chain function. We continued with:

In today’s post, the fifth in the series, we look at two more complexities of parcel shipping technology: international and HAZMAT shipping.

Even considering the many multifaceted challenges modern parcel shipping technology must overcome, the complexities only increase for those shipping internationally or sending HAZMAT goods. Fortunately, parcel shipping technology like Logistyx’s TME manages the details of cross-border shipping and all of the necessary labels and procedures to ensure compliance of HAZMAT parcels wherever they are shipped.

Global Shipping

From the changes caused by Brexit to the end of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to the impact of COVID-19 on the global supply chain, the ever-evolving task of international shipping has perhaps never been more complex.

As parcels cross borders, flawless, cost-effective fulfillment requires significantly more diligence than domestic. When Brexit was announced, for example, shippers had to ensure their software included updated country codes, which meant they needed to correct any issues during the grace period or incur delays, lost parcels, and the spoilage of time-sensitive goods. Having the right country codes properly documented helps ensure on-time, on-budget delivery, but this too requires diligence to ensure the right integrations and information are in place.

ebook logistyx quadrant Choosing a TMS for Parcel ShippingThe requirements of international shipping vary by country, making software that automates compliance with each destination’s regulations vital for avoiding unnecessary delays, fees, and fines, especially for high-volume shippers. Even if a shipper can handle shipping to one country manually, recreating the process every time a regulatory change takes effect is a tedious and time-consuming task. Plus, while the importance of data is not exclusive to international shipping, it becomes more important than ever to have a central shipping system due to the scale and complexity of shipping parcels cross-border. Shipping internationally without the software to standardize and centralize data could mean data is spread out across systems and, as a result, insights go missed.

For Logistyx customer Gyrus Olympus, leveraging Logistyx TME reduced export document preparation time by a whopping 80%. Another global Logistyx customer, Card Security, saw a return on investment on their software in just six months.

HAZMAT Shipping

To the general population, HAZMAT implies a niche category of freight including contagions, waste, or nuclear materials. While these categories certainly fall under the HAZMAT umbrella, the most common HAZMAT shipments include phones, laptops, e-cigarettes, and other items containing lithium ion batteries; pressurized canisters, or cosmetics with certain ingredients. While these products are not generally considered dangerous in single-consumer quantities, dangers mount when not handled properly or in too large a quantity.

HAZMAT parcel shipping requires keen attention to detail to comply with safety regulations. Correct labeling and thoughtful packaging are key, but nothing is more crucial than carrier compliance given the increased training and safety requirements carriers need to move HAZMAT freight. Risking error by not automating the compliance process is both costly and dangerous. Multi-carrier parcel shipping software such as Logistyx TME ensures a HAZMAT load doesn’t exceed limits. When a load does exceed limits, it is spread across multiple carrier services and those selected are always optimized to prioritize speed, savings, and service.

As with any other product category, customers sometimes need to return HAZMAT goods. Instead of leaving compliance and carrier service selection to chance, parcel shipping software can be automated to include return labels and instructions for customers. Considering the same regulations apply, carrier service selection for the return trip should never be left to the customer.

So, Why Buy?

Moving parcels across international borders and navigating safe HAZMAT shipping are two of the most demanding processes in the fulfillment process, with little room for error. At Logistyx, the team behind our software ensures regulatory changes are reflected so customers don’t have to navigate this complex and evolving supply chain function alone. Not only does leveraging a parcel shipping software solution built to handle these complexities like Logistyx TME streamline and simplify the entire process for shippers; it can lead to consistent cost savings and better service.

See if Logistyx TME is right for you – your team members, customers, and bottom line will thank you.

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