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How to Use Cloud Technology to Revolutionize Parcel Shipping

This one-stop guide highlights how cloud technology can launch your parcel shipping operations into the future by increasing workflow agility, eliminating manual processes, and delighting the end customer.

Discover why native cloud architecture is positioned to be the defining strategic feature of shipping software in 2021.

2020 proved difficult for businesses in a variety of ways. While some industries took a hit, the challenge online retailers faced proved to be the opposite: they scaled too fast. With e-commerce still on the rise, shippers must adopt a growth mindset.

Enter the cloud.

In this guide, find out how transitioning to cloud-based shipping software will put you one step ahead of the competition. By automating shipping processes, creating an integrated supply chain technology stack, and leveraging Business Intelligence, you can reduce transportation spend, execute distributed order management, and ultimately make the right decision with the right resources to meet the fulfillment expectation of each customer.

Highlights include:

  • The benefits of multi-carrier parcel shipping software
  • The advantage of cloud versus on-premise technology
  • How you can use shipping data to support your growth
  • And more!

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