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Are you ready for the future of parcel shipping?

The parcel shipping market is rapidly evolving and leaving many businesses behind. Whether you’re shipping B2B or B2C, customers expect their parcels on shorter timelines over greater distances. Business Intelligence takes you into the future, enabling you to ship more, faster, further, and cheaper.

Enable efficiency. Empower success.

With Logistyx Business Intelligence, you’ll have a 360-degree view of your shipment operation. Gain real-time visibility to each parcel and invaluable insights into how to cut costs and scale your shipping strategy.


Logistyx Business Intelligence collects and analyzes data across all attributes, from spend to geography, carriers, and clients.


Leverage data to streamline your transportation activity, increase efficiency, improve delivery performance, and save money.


Logistyx Business Intelligence monitors every shipment to ensure carriers are performing services as contracted.


Stop using homegrown solutions to account for the variables in carrier contract negotiations. Make informed carrier contract decisions that impact your bottom line.


Once your parcel is delivered, Logistyx Business Intelligence compares the carrier’s actual invoice to the expected shipment cost before issuing payment and alerts you to any inconsistencies.


Never waste time manually sifting through invoices. Logistyx Business Intelligence allows you to address issues immediately and budget transportation spend accurately.


Logistyx Business Intelligence provides data to your business systems for enterprise reporting and creates custom reports and analyses.


Prepare your business to grow and evolve with a rapidly accelerating parcel shipping market.


Visualize shipment data.  Customize metrics based on your goals.

Easily view shipment activity with relevant KPIs–total shipments, spend, weight, package counts, and more. Gain additional insights with information displayed by geography, carrier, cost per shipment, and others. Drill through these informational views to further analyze shipment data.

Control Tower

Simplify parcel delivery tracking. Improve customer satisfaction.

As your parcel shipments move through your carriers’ global supply chains, Logistyx captures package status messages and sends instant warning alerts to your team if a parcel is off track or behind schedule. Proactively address delivery events such as inclement weather or traffic to meet your customers’ expectations and maintain your delivery KPIs.


Eliminate manual labor. Expedite carrier payments.

Logistyx automatically compares your carrier invoices against your expected transportation costs and either authorizes payment or identifies discrepancies, allowing your finance team to focus on strategy. With Logistyx, your finance and management teams can easily measure actual transportation costs against budget and report on spend according to geography, business unit, accruals, and GL Coding, to name a few. Run reports to identify opportunities to deploy different multi-carrier parcel delivery strategies that yield greater returns.

Carrier Services Analysis

Negotiate strategically. Budget accurately.

Logistyx eliminates the guesswork from transportation budgeting. Our advanced rate simulation tool enables you to quickly calculate the impact of a general rate increase or a new carrier contract on your bottom line and features user friendly dashboards that highlight savings opportunities across attributes such as origin-destination, carrier services, modes, accessories, and more.

There's power in numbers.


Transportation Spend


Shipments Audited


of Spend Recovered

See Logistyx Business Intelligence in action.


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