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550+ carriers at your fingertips.

Choosing Logistyx as your multi-carrier solution for parcel shipping means equipping your business with the full power of our extensive carrier services network. Logistyx instantly compares carriers and services to locate the best value for each shipment and parcel according to your business rules.

Carrier Network Map

Make the most of your carriers.


Next day shipping services to choose from


Countries serviced


Carrier compliance

Rate Shopping

My shipping spend is too high.

Logistyx empowers you with both a breadth and depth of choice so you can compare rates between carriers as well as the individual services they offer. An expanded network of carriers means you get the best value for every destination, delivery date, and product.

Ship Anywhere

My international shipments get held up at customs.

Whether you’re shipping products domestically or across the world, Logistyx ensures your parcel shipment doesn’t face any unexpected delays due to incorrect or incomplete labels and documentation.

Carrier Compliance

Every carrier has a different system. I can’t make sense of the complexities.

Logistyx seamlessly integrates with each carrier system so that rating, labeling, tracking, and invoicing is easy to manage every time, no matter which service you’re using.


I need to ship hazardous products and don’t know if I have the right documents.

No matter your product’s needs, finding correct documentation is a worry-free process that allows you to ship with confidence.


I ship large numbers of parcels to the same region and pay for each individual shipment.

Logistyx takes advantage of carrier services such as zone skipping, cross-border shipments, and opportunities where consolidated services make shipping more efficient and save money.

E-Commerce Shipping

I'm trying to compete with expedited free shipping.  

Leverage the least expensive service for last-mile delivery, such as local postal providers USPS, Royal Mail, and Deutsche Post.

Learn more about how our carrier network helps businesses ship smarter and spend less.

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