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Case Study

Cummins Gains Real-Time Visibility with Logistyx

Cummins Accelerates Shipment Processing, Gains Real-Time Visibility with Logistyx Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

The Challenge

For global shippers like Cummins, managing huge numbers of global and local carriers can be extremely challenging and time consuming. Cummins had difficulty managing carrier information and shipment specifications. Producing shipping labels and transmitting shipping information according to each carrier’s specifications was a complex and time-consuming process. Cummins needed to take control of their shipping, streamline operations and improve warehouse efficiency.

The Solution

Cummins chose Logistyx Technologies’ multi-carrier shipping software to streamline operations. Logistyx software provides real-time production of shipping labels and carrier documents, performs shipment consolidation and freight calculations and produces event tracking data, all of which has helped Cummins.

The Results

  • Process times have been reduced and labeling errors
    rarely occur since introducing real-time label printing.
  • Tracking events are automatically downloaded from
    carrier servers. The Cummins team now have full
    visibility on the latest status of every shipment, which
    allows them to share status information with their
    customers and improve the service they provide to
  • Cummins has gained the ability to monitor freight costs and
    check the accuracy of carrier freight invoices.
  • Actual freight costs are now added to the sales invoice as a result
    of Logistyx’s real-time freight cost calculations, making invoicing
    a much more efficient process.