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Case Study

Master Lock Cracks the Code with Logistyx TME

Master Lock Cracks the Code with the Logistyx TME Parcel Shipping System Integrated with JDA Warehouse Management

The Challenge

While looking at various parcel shipping software packages with Master Lock, Open Sky Group proposed retrofitting JDA’s Parcel Handling Integrator (JDA PHI) to work with Master Lock’s version of JDA Warehouse Management. This retrofit was essential for Master Lock to continue shipping normally—regardless of the parcel shipping software they chose.

The Solution

Master Lock chose Logistyx Technologies’ Transportation Management Execution (TME) multi-carrier parcel shipping solution and worked with Open Sky Group to retrofit the JDA PHI to their JDA Warehouse Management. Using Logistyx TME with JDA PHI would allow Master Lock to ship to Canada without using a separate system and prepare them for their future WMS upgrade.

The Results

Master Lock was able to seamlessly deliver uninterrupted services to their broad customer base through the partnership with Open Sky Group, Logistyx, and JDA for the delivery of their parcel solution.