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Case Study

Polishing Delivery Processes with Logistyx TMS

“On Trend, On Time” is Gemline’s promise to more than 20,000 corporate customers who rely on the company for the latest in promotional items.

From fine writing instruments to coolers and the latest solar-powered phone chargers, Gemline sources more than 1,000 products for shipment across the US, Canada, EU, and Asia.

The Challenge

To ensure on-time delivery, Gemline turned to Gartner. Gartner analyzed operations and recommended the IFS Business Partner Logistyx Technologies.

Gemline wanted to:
  • Replace its insufficient shipping application and retire its carrier provided systems
  • Implement a more flexible method of onboarding new carrier services to maximize value for customers
  • Reduce labor-intensive shipping processes and streamline export compliance
  • Retain their “bill-as/ship-as” rating process and “blind ship from” requirement

The Solution

Logistyx TME for IFS with routing, packing, manifesting and management modules deployed at six pack stations in one DC.