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Case Study

Tournament Sports increases order fulfillment flexibility

Logistyx’s software system has increased order fulfillment flexibility and speed for Tournament Sports.

Business Challenge

Canadian-based sporting goods company, Tournament Sports, is a manufacturer and distributor of brands such as Jackson Ultima Figure Skates and Atom Roller Skates. Tournament Sports ships nearly 50,000 cartons of products across the U.S. and Canada annually, with 20% of parcels shipped directly to consumers.

Winter is one of Tournament Sports’ busiest seasons, when shipping volume increases following heightened demand for customized ice skates and other specialized winter sports products. To improve order fulfillment efficiency, Tournament Sports sought better access and visibility into its shipping data to unlock insights and streamline processes.


Tournament Sports chose Logistyx Technologies’ multi-carrier parcel shipping software to optimize operations. The software removes the manual, redundant processes that decrease shipping line speed and create errors, enabling fast, accurate, and efficient shipment processing.

By integrating with Logistyx’s cloud-based solution, Tournament Sports removed the onus from its IT staff to maintain servers, data integrity, and disaster recovery, handing those responsibilities to Logistyx’s support team.

Logistyx’s software gives Tournament Sports access to a flexible library of carrier-compliant routing and rating tools for small parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), and regional parcel carriers. These tools help Tournament Sports automate carrier selection decisions for routing, rating, time-in-transit, and much more. Logistyx’s software also provides full visibility into Tournament Sports’ shipping data and auditing capabilities for better carrier rate negotiations and to unlock new efficiencies.


Shortly after migrating to Logistyx’s software system in early Q4 2020 ahead of its peak season, Tournament Sports realized immediate performance enhancements to capitalize on order efficiency for its busiest season, thanks to Logistyx’s ongoing carrier-centric updates and increased agility.

Leveraging Logistyx’s automated shipping tools, Tournament Sports instantly gained access to regularly updated and accurate information on carrier requirements, rating, and reporting, helping increase efficiency in completing the cycle of tagging packages ready for shipping, including labeling, freight recording, and more.

Logistyx’s software system has increased order fulfillment flexibility and speed for Tournament Sports. With the enhanced capabilities and automation using Logistyx, Tournament Sports feels confident in Logistyx’s ability to handle increased volume due to business expansion such as new locations and growth of its product base in the future.