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Simplify carrier invoice auditing and uncover savings opportunities.

Save time and money by combining and auditing all modes of transportation carrier invoices plus shipping system manifest data in one consolidated platform.  Logistyx provides shippers with greater insight into transportation metrics than what carriers provide, delivering better transportation cost control.

Logistyx’s secure, cloud-based solution provides a detailed view of transportation activities and costs in an easy-to-use dashboard. Our data engine analyzes every shipment, identifies and confirms credits with your carriers, and electronically delivers an adjusted bill for payment. Our system audits invoices across all carrier services and modes of transportation.

Logistyx’s systematic audit process monitors 150+ data points, including:

  • Carrier contract compliance
  • Residential surcharges
  • Dimensional rates
  • Address corrections (through address validation)
  • Accessorial charges
  • Duplicate billing
  • Late packages
  • Lost and damaged goods
  • Difference between manifested vs. billed weights
  • Manifested but not shipped goods

Reduce Shipping Costs

Logistyx matches manifest (expected) shipment transactions with carrier billing data (actual) in one data set,
providing your company with necessary insight to identify savings opportunities.

Effectively manage complex GL coding and cost center allocation

Accurately categorize costs by geography, business unit, and SKU

Summarize data into knowledge

Track all unbilled carrier activity and detailed cost accruals

Model total landed transportation costs and compare to estimates

Increase Carrier Contract ROI

Logistyx identifies savings opportunities related to contract terms, incentives, and service mix. Our analysis aligns your unique shipping characteristics with carrier costs, cost drivers, and carrier profitability to ensure you contract for the right services—reducing shipping costs and improving your bottom line.

  • Benchmark against like-shippers to estimate carrier cost-to-serve and margin to maximize savings
  • Analyze carrier contracts and uncover cost reduction opportunities
  • Decrease transit time, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction through optimal carrier and service selection


Streamline carrier claims management for your global shipments with help from the Logistyx freight auditing experts.

Sorting out billing or service issues with your carriers can cost you time that could be spent on more strategic initiatives. Leverage the Logistyx team’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of the parcel shipping industry to analyze claims management processes and find opportunities for improvement. Many companies find these soft-dollar savings contribute even more to the bottom line than savings recouped through hard-dollar invoice audits.