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Gain complete visibility over parcel delivery.

The Logistyx 4th Generation Control tower empowers you to resolve supply chain issues before they negatively impact your business. View all of your shipment statuses in a normalized format, regardless of carrier, so you can monitor all transportation activity and stay on top of any potential delays.


Ship Confidently with Our Unparalleled Control
Tower Capabilities for Parcel Shipping

View parcel shipping activity at large-scale and granular levels

Auto-direct delay notifications to the proper team

Capture and unify all shipment statuses

Define exceptions based on your business shipping rules

Designate workflows by team for increased efficiency

Set thresholds and alert frequency

The Logistyx Control Tower sends your team custom alerts the moment an issue arises so you can focus your company’s resources on the most critical shipping situations. If one of your shipments gets stuck in customs, your customs clearance team will receive an automated alert to guarantee that they can efficiently manage the delay. If a parcel isn’t scanned 24 hours before lead time completion, Logistyx will alert your customer service representatives to ensure your team can properly manage customer expectations. 

You can choose when and how Logistyx notifies your business about shipping complications, so you never miss a delay.


The Only Company with a 4th Generation Control Tower Solution

Although you can view your shipping statuses with any control tower system, only the Logistyx 4th Generation Solution simplifies all carrier messages so that you can view every status in one unified format. Effectively incorporate shipments statuses into your enterprise systems and make shipping a competitive advantage for your company.


Our Business Intelligence team will help you enhance your shipping capabilities with dashboards focused on the Logistyx Control Tower. Identify current supply chain problems with our clear and in-depth visualizations of your shipping analytics, so you can proactively manage future shipments and ensure customer satisfaction.


Visibility Dashboard

With the visibility dashboard, you can visualize the data that is the most meaningful to your business. All of your shipment activity is displayed based upon KPIs, including Total Shipments, Exceptions, Packages In Transit, and many other metrics that you can choose from.

Shipping Operations Dashboard

Define your shipping exceptions and view their statuses with the Shipments Operations dashboard. Seamlessly integrate these exceptions into your company’s workflow by assigning them to designated team members to manage.