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Seamlessly Ship Hazardous Items with Logistyx

Hazmat Shipping Execution

Hazmat shipping doesn’t have to complicate your supply chain operations.

If you’re already validating your hazmat shipments against regulatory rules to generate accurate label diagrams and print shipper’s declarations and other forms that comply with DOT regulations, you’re almost there…

Now let Logistyx complete the journey. Our multi-carrier parcel shipping solution will get your shipments out the door–with the correct labels, the right forms, and using the best carrier service within your transportation network.

From electronic products with lithium batteries to pharmaceutical products packed in dry ice, Logistyx will support hazmat rating, shipping, tracking, and returns capabilities for national, regional, and local parcel and LTL carriers.

Hazmat Shipping Compliance

Comply with hazmat shipping regulations and improve efficiency by connecting hazmat documentation to your shipping workflows and systems.

Lacking in-house expertise? Working with our compliance partners, Logistyx multi-carrier parcel shipping software is equipped to ensure your hazmat items have the necessary documents to avoid fines and meet on-time delivery requirements.

Scale Hazmat Shipping Volumes for a Variety of Use Cases

When shipping hazmat, your warehouse workflows will determine the level of complexity associated with automating parcel shipping. For example:

  • Which products are you shipping?
  • Which warehouses are you using?
  • Where are your products heading?
  • Are you shipping cross-border?
  • Are you processing return shipments of hazardous materials?
  • Which carriers do you use for hazardous shipping?

Depending on the answers to these questions, Logistyx will configure the shipping application to meet your unique requirements.

Master hazardous shipping with the most robust hazmat solution available.

The Logistyx cloud multi-carrier parcel shipping solution works with your global carriers to guarantee your shipments are safely delivered to their destinations. Feel confident shipping dangerous goods with a proven hazmat shipping solution.

Simplify Documentation

Working with one of our compliance partners, Logistyx will evaluate your hazmat shipping data, produce the correct documentation, and manage carrier communication so you can avoid fines for non-compliance.
Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Logistyx works together with our compliance partners to simplify the hazmat shipping process, so you can increase productivity and get your customers their shipments faster.
Enhance Multi-Carrier Capabilities

Logistyx empowers you to rate shop across all carrier services that support hazmat within your transportation network, ensuring each shipment is rated and labeled as necessary, whether “safe to ship”, limited quantity, or restricted.
Save Money and Resources

With Logistyx, you gain a business partner focused on improving your hazmat shipping capabilities. This means your team can focus internal time and resources on improving your business operations.

Stress-Free Shipping

How can I manage constantly changing hazmat regulations?

Logistyx maintains ongoing compliance with the major parcel carriers and works closely with compliance partners to stay up to date with the latest regulations. This allows you to avoid the stress and time of having to master the compliance requirements yourself.

Consolidate Hazmat Orders

Can I ship multiple dangerous goods in one order?

Logistyx works with both shippers and our compliance partners to determine which hazardous goods can be shipped together and which cannot. Our hazmat solution also confirms the most compliant mode of transportation for your shipments, and we can rate shop carrier services to execute your shipment at the lowest cost.

Ensure Proper Documentation

How will I know which documents are necessary to ship my hazardous items?

Logistyx has deep experience working with IATA shipper’s declaration, FedEx OP-900, and UPS 8-part forms.  Whether you’re shipping lithium batteries or corrosive chemicals, our system will help you identify the right placards for package placement and automatically produce the shipping labels and candy-stripe forms your company needs in order to prevent any shipping delays.

Ship with Confidence

How can I be sure my shipments will be transported safely?

Together with our compliance partners, Logistyx takes the uncertainty out of hazmat shipping with extensive Dangerous Goods validation checks and up-to-date DGLs.

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