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Simplify global multi-carrier parcel shipping with Logistyx TME cloud software.

Logistyx cloud multi-carrier parcel solution seamlessly integrates with your system of record to automate high volume, multi-carrier shipping. Logistyx automatically selects the right carrier service for each order according to your carrier contracts and business rules; creates or acquires the tracking, labels, and documents; and manages the manifest and end-of-day processes. Satisfy your customers’ delivery requirements and drive down the cost of shipping with a unique cloud solution designed for complex distribution models that easily scale.

Shipping a single parcel is easy. Shipping thousands of parcels worldwide is far more complex. Luckily, choosing the best carrier for your shipment doesn’t have to be complicated. Logistyx TME can integrate with 550+ global carriers. It determines the carrier service best suited for your shipments based on origin, destination, service level, and your business rules. With these key data points, Logistyx cloud parcel shipping software will automatically select the carrier service that ensures your customers get their packages on time and at the best value, saving you time, resources, and money.

Shipping thousands of parcels worldwide is now as simple as shipping one.

Grow Your Business with Logistyx

Unlike typical client server technologies, Logistyx TME is dynamically elastic. Our systems expand as your shipping volume increases, guaranteeing your business can handle spikes in demand during peak season.
Proactively Adapt to Changing Rates

Small changes to carrier rates can have a major impact on which carrier service to use. Logistyx TME always accesses your current contract rates through connectivity with the Logistyx global carrier network to guarantee you’re getting real rates for all shipping services.
Minimize Complications with Custom Solutions

Hidden factors, like special services or extra carrier service costs (accessorials), can drive up your shipping spend. The on-demand processing power of Logistyx TME accounts for these elements and ensures your carrier services strategy is always optimized for your company’s unique shipping environment.
Reduce your Annual Shipping Spend

Limiting your business to a one-carrier solution can be costly. With 8,500+ carrier service integrations, Logistyx TME makes it easy to deploy a multi-carrier shipping strategy, and on average, customers moving from one carrier to many save 30% on transportation spend.

Learn how our customers grew and improved their shipping capabilities with Logistyx.

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