Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software That Scales as Your Business Grows

Our multi-carrier shipping software is ideal for companies that want to consolidate and automate carrier selection decisions to gain better control of shipping costs and streamline laborious tasks for staff.

Flexible Workstation Options

We recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to shipping workstations. For this reason, we offer a series of modular components that can be combined to meet your needs:

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

The foundation of our multi-carrier shipping software system. A single-platform shipping solution that compares carriers and processes postal, small parcel, regional, less-than-truckload (LTL) truckload (TL) and international shipments.

This solution automates carrier routing and rating decisions and generate carrier-compliant shipping labels, bills of lading, packing lists, tracking numbers and more.

We often install our multi-carrier shipping systems in conjunction with mobile computers and barcode scanners configured to further streamline processing time.

Additional Modules

We also offer several additional fulfillment modules that can be added to our warehouse shipping software system, including:

order packing software | shipping software | Logistyx

  • Order packing software – Our scan-based order packing and verification software integrates with our shipping workstation. Workers scan items as they pack, verify quantities and close orders all in one continuous action, in a fraction of the time required to pack orders in a manual paper-driven environment.
    ecommerce shipping software | Logistyx

  • E-Commerce order fulfillment – Easy-to-use order management for small to medium e-commerce companies. Staff can view and manage orders, group and wave them for picking and packing, and automatically process them for shipping, all within one system. can also be configured to automatically process Amazon Prime orders and connect to many other e-commerce platforms such as eBay,, JDA (Ecometry) Direct Commerce Suite, Magento, Shopify, ChannelAdvisor, and others.
  • Shipment consolidation – Shipment staging software that can be added to our multi-carrier shipping software system to further reduce freight costs. As orders are received, the software identifies shipments eligible for consolidation by customer, carrier, country and other criteria.
    International Shipping Software | Logistyx

  • International shipping – Software to automate international shipping, including automated carrier routing, rating and selection, export shipment document preparation and automated ACE (formerly AESDirect) filing.
  • Dimensioning solutions – Dimensioning systems and software, integrated to the Logistyx shipping workstation to automatically capture and upload package dimensions for accurate shipping rate calculations.
  • Web-based reporting – Intuitive, Web-based reporting and analysis software that captures all shipping information processed by the Logistyx shipping system. Includes many standard reports as well as easy-to-use tools to modify and/or create new reports.

Logistyx multi-carrier shipping software is highly configurable and scalable, making it an extremely cost-effective solution that will grow with your company. Many of our customers implement our shipping systems when supply chain needs evolve and have continued to use our shipping solutions for more than 20 years.

Contact us for a Complimentary Assessment

We offer a free assessment and audit of your shipping processes to uncover any additional cost savings or inefficiencies that could be gained through the use of Logistyx multi-carrier shipping software systems. Schedule a complimentary consultation and demonstration of our multi-carrier shipping software systems.