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The people behind your parcel shipping software understand your business and fight for your success.

The Logistyx Professional Services team is at the heart of each Logistyx solution. Our team of experts help your business evolve, optimize, and maintain critical systems. With Logistyx Professional Services on your team, you can continue to reduce your parcel shipping costs and strengthen your shipment strategy.

Professional Services Team

Implement a solution tailor-made for your shipping strategy.

How do I know what solutions I need?

Logistyx parcel shipping experts work with you every step of the way to architect and integrate the perfect solution for your business.

We understand the complexities of your organization—and the parcel shipping industry. A dedicated team of Logistyx shipping professionals is ready to partner with you to customize our solution for your business, streamline your operations, and advise your team with ongoing strategies and learning resources long after implementation.

Maintain and evolve your parcel shipping system.

How can I adapt to a constantly changing parcel shipping market?

Your Logistyx solution is designed to last—to evolve with your business, prepare you to compete in a rapidly changing parcel shipping industry, and consistently bring you the lowest prices and maximum value.

The Logistyx Professional Services team monitors your performance, helps you optimize your Logistyx implementation, and advises your team with ongoing adoption strategies to produce results.


Gain access to expert, personalized customer support.

How can I get answers to my technical questions?

Success for Logistyx is measured only by the success and satisfaction of the businesses and operations we serve.

The Professional Services customer support team is dedicated to understanding your questions and providing the best solution for your specific operation. Connect instantly with Logistyx experts for personalized technical support and industry knowledge. Already a customer looking for help? Login to our portal.

Deepen your knowledge of transportation management.

How can I become my own parcel shipping expert?

You need more than just onboarding documentation in order for you and your business to thrive long term. The Logistyx Professional Services team is dedicated to developing best-in-class training to expand your solution know-how and expertise.

Learn more about how Logistyx TME has helped businesses scale, save, and evolve.

CASE STUDY / Brake Parts

100% Accuracy Gained with Logistyx Software

Brake Parts streamlines shipping workflows and achieves 0% error rate for order fulfillment. Brake Parts Inc. manufactures braking systems...

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CASE STUDY / Craft Supplies

Logistyx Helps Craft Supplies Enhance Customer Service

Craft Supplies realizes a 2-month ROI on Logistyx multi-carrier shipping software. Founded in 1982, Craft Supplies USA sells quality...

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CASE STUDY / Corporate Campus

Logistyx Automates Shipment Processing

Large insurance provider automatically processes more than one million non-warehouse shipments per year. For this large insurance company, responsive...

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