Logistyx Audit

Global Parcel Audit & Freight Auditing Solution for Multi-Modes:

Parcel Auditing with Freight Audit features Payment & Recovery Services

Logistyx Audit
Logistyx is a leader in the field of multi-mode, parcel audit, freight audit, payment and recovery solution in the transportation management markets. We assure our customers that we will uncover shipping invoice errors and recover funds on their behalf. We audit all shipping modes: small parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), ocean, air, rail and couriers for both domestic and international shipments. Additionally, the transportation features parcel audit analytics that contain detailed metrics used for inspection of our customer’s shipping data which provide personalised recommendations on better ways to ship and save money based on their unique business’ shipping needs.

Logistyx Audit saves time and money with a unified solution for small parcel audit and freight audit, payment, recovery, and loss and damage claims management services, enabling shippers with their own powerful transportation spend intelligence and analytics. All of these data components work in concert with each other when connected, creating a seamless process to audit and analyze the abundance of supply chain data that is typically generated before, during, and after shipment execution.

Businesses are empowered with these key transportation analytics and insights, making it easier than ever to turn shipping into a profit center and maximize ROI and savings from carrier contracts.

Parcel Audit & Freight Audit Analytics Engine

Automated carrier invoice parcel audit, freight audit, and analysis in real-time with 700+ reports capturing:

  • Dimensional Rating / DIM Charges
  • LTL Tailgate Delivery Fees
  • Freight Pallet Pricing
  • Commercial Delivery Address Surcharges
  • Carrier Account Credits and Discounts
  • Inside Delivery Fees
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Address Correction Surcharges
  • Residential Delivery Address Surcharges
  • Oversized Package Surcharges
  • Material Handling Fees

Freight & Small Parcel Audit Solution Benefits Summary:

  • Three-way audit against shipment, invoice and contracted rates
  • Real time report engine that will access exceptions
  • Freight payment with direct reconciliation to your accounts payable or we pay on your behalf
  • Proactive loss and damage reporting with recovery
  • Multi-leg shipments cost level reporting – see landed costs down to the individual SKU level
  • Carrier Scorecard – select from the best multi carrier shipping options with detailed parcel  audit, freight audit, and analytics based on carrier service performance history

Download the Logistyx Audit DataSheet


Companies of all sizes have significantly reduced their shipping costs implementing a small parcel & freight audit solution. The solution results in more intelligent carrier selection that is also dynamic as carrier capacity changes and/or shipping requirements evolve.

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