Webinar from Logistyx: Creating the ROI for Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping Solutions

To be successful in today’s business environment, shippers need to meet customer demand for an enhanced delivery experience, including fast and free shipping as well as unlimited returns. Transparency and communication with real-time delivery tracking and notification options are also key factors for making customers satisfied with the delivery experience.

Translation: Every product your company ships, opportunity follows.

One way to capitalize on this opportunity is to implement multi-carrier parcel shipping technology, such as a Transportation Management System (TMS) for parcel. Leveraging a TMS for parcel, shippers can quickly and easily compare carriers – and their corresponding services and rates – to identify the most time- and cost-effective carrier service for the job. The technology can automatically determine the most efficient shipping option based on delivery deadlines, package destination, carrier rates, performance, and other mission-critical factors. It also provides control tower visibility so as parcel shipments move through carriers’ global supply chains, shippers receive package status messages and instant warning alerts if a parcel is off track or behind schedule – allowing shippers to proactively address delivery events such as inclement weather or traffic to meet customers’ expectations and maintain delivery KPIs.

Not surprisingly, interest in adding a TMS for parcel continues to rise among shippers as its multifaceted ROI becomes better understood.  No longer just about saving dollars, more shippers have begun to realize they can provide improved, proactive customer service via rapid delivery and shipment status transparency when they use the right solution.  But while a TMS for parcel can transform a shipper’s operations and provide multi-faceted gains, how a shipper implements the technology impacts just how well the investment will pay off.

Fortunately, shippers can forecast this ROI in advance.

Give us 45 minutes of your day, and we’ll provide insight into how you can:

  • Leverage your current parcel shipping data to intelligently address industry challenges: geographic expansion, scaling e-commerce, and omnichannel fulfillment
  • Analyze your historical parcel shipping data to make the case for a multi-carrier parcel shipping solution in your organization
  • Continuously optimize your parcel shipping decisions with data analytics and/or sophisticated Business Intelligence

WHAT: Creating the ROI for Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping Solutions

WHEN: Thursday, August 8 @ 1:00 pm CST

WHERE: Register here!

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