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White Paper: Omnichannel’s Missing Link

Even the biggest and best retailers continue to face challenges when trying to provide excellent customer service and increase profitability, and more have begun to embrace omnichannel business models to meet consumer demands without sacrificing the bottom line. Retailers who take a holistic approach to omnichannel and consider the big picture before implementing e-commerce websites,Read More

E-Book: Do nothing to create shipping efficiencies, and Cost of Delivery will automatically increase

Companies across every sector and market face increasing parcel shipping costs due to transportation industry labor shortages, e-commerce volumes and growing consumer expectations worldwide for same-day delivery.  Any efficiencies achieved in the distribution model can help to offset these rising costs, and shippers who invest in multi-carrier parcel shipping systems stand a better chance ofRead More

E-Book: Omnichannel Merchants Shift Closer to the Consumer

Amazon now commands 43% of all e-commerce sales—which means that for every dollar consumers spend online, Amazon gets 43 cents, leaving all its competitors in a brawl for the remaining pennies.  Adding to the pressure: it’s also shipping those purchases at roughly a third of what the average small business pays. So how can you navigateRead More

The Other Half of Your Net Landed Cost of Goods

For years, manufacturers and brands have worked to reduce cost of manufacturing (CoM) as a means to reducing their net landed costs of goods. However, this strategy is reaching its limits. Today, a growing number of companies, and in particular those with significant parcel shipping costs, are revisiting their cost of distribution (CoD) to furtherRead More

Seven Practical Tips to Eliminate Hidden Shipping Costs

Many companies have significantly reduced their shipping costs by implementing a multi-carrier shipping solution that allows them to compare carrier rates and automate document production. However, you can realize even greater savings by ensuring that your shipping system is configured to pre-empt many common issues that result in hidden freight costs. This whitepaper outlines a number of practicalRead More