E-Book: Do nothing to create shipping efficiencies, and Cost of Delivery will automatically increase

Companies across every sector and market face increasing parcel shipping costs due to transportation industry labor shortages, e-commerce volumes and growing consumer expectations worldwide for same-day delivery.  Any efficiencies achieved in the distribution model can help to offset these rising costs, and shippers who invest in multi-carrier parcel shipping systems stand a better chance of keeping costs in check.

At their core, multi-carrier parcel shipping systems give manufacturers and brands choice. With more informed decision-making in a fraction of the time otherwise required, these technologies enable brands and manufacturers to take control of shipping variables such as labor shortages and carrier rate increases without renegotiating carrier rates or increasing staff workload. In addition, shippers can eliminate multiple steps in the order fulfillment process, creating a “one touch” shipping system and yielding tremendous gains in efficiency, labor-related savings and even employee satisfaction.

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