Why the Zebra MC9300 is Perfect for Migrating to Android Handheld Mobile Computers

This year, many organizations are making a major switch from the Windows Embedded Handheld operating system to Android, but one of the key considerations in migrating to Android is choosing the right mobile devices. In nearly all cases, you’ll need to upgrade to new hardware when you make your migration.

Fortunately, even though this means investing in new devices, now is an ideal time to do so, especially with the launch of Zebra’s new MC9300 ultra-rugged handheld touch mobile computer.

The MC9300 is a next-generation device that combines simple, easy-to-use Android touch computing with an ultra-rugged handheld mobile computer that offers keypad data entry, 1D and 2D barcode scanning, and far better processing power, Wi-Fi performance, and battery life than preceding devices.

Here’s a quick overview of the MC9300 and the many benefits it offers while migrating to Android.

Android Touch Simplicity

If you’ve used a smartphone or tablet, you know how much simpler and easier it is to use than a traditional handheld computer or PC. Zebra has now brought that same simplicity and ease of use to an ultra-rugged industrial handheld mobile computer with the MC9300.

Its large, 4.3-inch screen and Android touch interface make business apps as easy to use as any smartphone app. You can even use a finger, stylus, or gloved finger to navigate your apps and workflows—even if the screen is wet. Yet there’s still a physical keypad for traditional data entry.

Breakthrough Processing Power and Memory

The MC9300 comes with an ultra-powerful 8-core processor and provides up to eight times the RAM and sixteen times the Flash memory of previous-generation devices.

Ultra-Rugged Durability

The MC9300 is the most rugged device that Zebra has ever built, with an ultra-rugged design that even withstands the extremes of cold storage and hazardous environments. If you need an ultra-tough device and want to keep your total cost of ownership down, Zebra’s enhanced durability is the way to go.

Full-Shift Battery Life

The MC9300 is powered by Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ battery technology, which delivers the most battery power in its class. It delivers nearly twice the run time of Zebra’s predecessor MC9200 device. The MC9300 also provides faster charging, battery statistics for better power management, and a free PC-based application that preemptively identifies aging batteries.

Super Wi-Fi Connectivity and Speed

Using MU-MIMO technology and Zebra’s WorryFree Wi-Fi, the MC9300 provides increased Wi-Fi range and speed, near-instant application response times, and unmatched roaming with exceptional voice quality.

Lifetime Security Updates

Long-term OS updates and security patches are crucial, and this was underscored by Microsoft’s recent reduction of its OS support periods and the end of life for Windows Embedded Handheld.

Fortunately, when you migrate to Android, you can kiss the support headaches goodbye with Zebra’s LifeGuard™ for Android, which provides 10 years of guaranteed security and OS updates—long after Google’s default support period of five years. You also get end-to-end control of the Android over-the-air update process, which makes updating devices much easier.

Unbelievably Easy Terminal Emulation

Zebra’s MC9300 makes it incredibly easy to migrate your legacy terminal “green screen” apps to Android with its All-Touch Terminal Emulation. You can migrate your TE apps in minutes or hours and convert them to touch-based apps. It all happens with no coding or back-end modifications required.

The software walks you through the whole process and lets you customize your apps, screens, and interfaces exactly the way you want them.

To learn more about migrating to Android with Zebra’s MC9300 device, contact our mobile migration experts now.