ZT510 Industrial Printer

ZT510 Industrial Printer: Taking the 105SLPlus to a New Level with Expanded Performance and Value

Building on the legacy of the industry-leading, 105SLPlus printer, the ZT510 includes the core features you need in an industrial printer at a cost-effective price point. The ZT510 provides a proven, durable design and construction while adding advanced management and monitoring capabilities. That means you get 24/7 reliability to keep your operations running smoothly today, plus longevity and advanced functionality to power through every challenge in the years to come — all at an exceptional value.


  • 24/7 reliability to eliminate downtime – The ZT510 features high-quality print mechanisms and internal components to ensure flawless 24/7 performance, provide consistently outstanding quality and virtually eliminate costly downtime.
  • Unrivaled durability in the toughest conditions – With an all-metal design, rugged construction and sealed dome buttons, the ZT510 is right at home in today’s harshest manufacturing and warehouse environments.
  • Value that won’t break the budget – The ZT510 provides high duty cycle, rugged reliability, fast processing, advanced Link-OS capabilities and all the basic features needed—without the added cost of those not needed.
  • A variety of connectivity options for flexible configuration – Featuring a variety of standard communication options including USB, Serial, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth® LE, the ZT510 is easy to integrate into existing systems and connect to various networks.
  • Adaptability to meet evolving needs – The ZT510 is engineered to grow and change with business needs in the future by simplifying hardware upgrades, integrating seamlessly with common device management software and streamlining software updates with easy-to-use Link-OS applications.
  • Additional capabilities that improve performance From the fast processor that enables quick throughput of even complex graphics to the optional USB Host card slot conveniently located on the back of the printer, the ZT510 optimizes performance at every turn.

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