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MODEX 2020 is just around the corner — and with it, the opportunity to gain greater insight into the most notable opportunities and concerns facing the modern supply chain industry. During this highly anticipated event, more than 150 seminars and courses will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including everything from sustainable supply chain solutions to the growing role of machine learning in modern supply chain technology. Also covered: the value of TMS for parcel, along with top options for implementing multi-carrier systems.

MODEX seminars

These and other concepts addressed at MODEX 2020 promise to completely change the supply chain industry as we know it. Gaining an edge is critical in this competitive market, but as the expo’s many presentations suggest, options abound for boosting both efficiency and profit. Such solutions are not risk-free, however, so it’s important to gain as much knowledge as possible before implementing them. Hence, the value of the expertise on display at MODEX 2020, where you will receive actionable advice from several key players. The following are among the event’s most important takeaways:

Making the Most of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds huge potential in the world of supply chain management. A strategically designed network featuring the right devices could dramatically improve efficiency and accuracy, while also reducing the risk for compliance issues.

Unfortunately, many organizations have yet to harness the IoT’s extraordinary benefits. Often, this reluctance stems from sheer misunderstanding regarding how, exactly, the IoT can best be deployed within supply chain infrastructure. Multiple MODEX seminars address these concerns. In fact, one of the expo’s top locations is actually referred to as IoT 101, underpinning the importance of such discussions at this year’s event.

For 2020, MODEX IoT seminars will largely focus on specific applications within the supply chain industry. From asset tracking and theft prevention to spoilage issues, the IoT can provide a myriad of solutions worth exploring. These options will be highlighted in detail during nearly two dozen tailored seminars, several of which will also address top IoT concerns — and how they can be resolved.

Navigating the Complications of Data Analytics

Big data is a big deal in the supply chain sphere. An increasing volume of analytics promises to deliver the efficiency upon which today’s highly demanding clients and customers insist. Meanwhile, these solutions can cut costs considerably.

If implemented incorrectly, big data initiatives may produce excessive intelligence that provides little actual value. Several seminars at MODEX 2020 offer insight into this common conundrum, as well as suggestions for gathering data that is as relevant, measurable, and actionable as possible. Many sessions also touch on the implementation side of big data initiatives, revealing how new technologies can best be integrated into day-to-day operations.

Sustainable Solutions in Modern Supply Chain Management

Today’s forward-thinking organizations increasingly value sustainable solutions that allow them to minimize their carbon footprint while also cutting notable expenses such as HVAC and water use. Often, the very solutions upon which we rely for reducing environmental impact ultimately produce impressive financial returns. After all, these systems and technologies are explicitly designed with the intention of improving efficiency.

In 2020, top MODEX seminars address the promise of greater sustainability throughout several areas of the industry, including food and automotive supply chains. A variety of sessions also explore solutions that can be leveraged across several niche areas. These include sustainable packaging, design thinking, and last inch handoff, among others.

TMS for Parcel Shipping: Achieving Maximum ROI

If you’re interested in implementing a transportation management solution for parcel, you’ll definitely want to check out the on-floor seminar sponsored by Logistyx and presented by Vice President of Business Development David Hogg. This session will cover the impressive return on investment made possible through cost-effective TMS options. These solutions produce such high returns, in part, because they are uniquely capable of handling sudden increases in parcel volumes.

In addition to detailing the wide range of benefits associated with TMS for parcel, the Logistyx seminar will also delve into the potential challenges associated with this approach. Chief among them? Convincing key players of the need for effective TMS strategies. Following this session, you will understand how to use existing parcel shipping data to highlight the value of multi-carrier solutions for your organization.

MODEX 2020 promises to expand your horizons regarding supply chain solutions and shipping technology. No matter your goals for implementing today’s most exciting tech solutions, you’ll have no trouble gaining the detailed insight you need during this important event.

As you explore the many promising seminars at this year’s MODEX gathering, don’t hesitate to hit up the Logistyx presentation on March 11 in Theater D. You’ll be glad you took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the most impactful opportunities shaking up supply chain technology.

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